Naousa Auto Club – Gymkhana event

The teaser poster. The taglines read (from the darkest to the lightest)"Do you drive?" "Do you have hands? -slang for "can you drive fast around corners"", "Are you capable?"

the poster  

a tshirt reading "can you turn the car?"  

The main icon and two sub icons  

naousa2_teaser thumbnail
naousa2_afisa thumbnail
naouasa2_tshirt thumbnail
naousa2_icons thumbnail

Client: Naousa Automotive Club
Description: A promotional campaign for a gymkhana event was requested. Since this was the first of line of events, I proposed to create a unifying brand. I created a sign-icon and I combined it with a provocative tone of voice, as the main target group were males aged 16 to 35. For the first event, a teaser poster with no info was launched, to incite awareness and generate hype, followed by the complete campaign a week later.