Naousa Auto Club – Rally Show 2

The -unfinished- initial design with a dressdoll based on the clothes a racer wears.

The doll in full uniform

One of the proposed applications was a face-in-a-hole stand

The final poster

naousa3_original thumbnail
naousa3_paperdoll thumbnail
facehole thumbnail
naousa3_poster thumbnail
pano-01 thumbnail

Client: Naousa Auto club
Description: We started with the goal to create a brand for the rally related section of the club, but some financial difficulties that they had while the project was ongoing, lead to a much more simplistic output. A single poster and a banner based on it went into production. The original proposal was based on a rally driver dress doll. The idea behind it was to make a handfull of promotional applications, such as face-in-a-hole stand and dressdoll stickers. The main target was kids, as the whole event was an introduction in the world of rallying.